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Rick Stein

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Rick's first novel, Running On Empty, captures a school year through the eyes of a teacher, principal and superintendent.  Reader's have described it as, "Real-life" ..."Opened my eyes to the tough job teachers have."

​Rick's second novel, And... forged a new path in his writing.  Ralph James is the main character. Ralph is 92 years old and the oldest surviving member of his immediate family. Travel through a day with Ralph and see what happens in his life.

Rick is the self-published author of two novels. His first novel, Running On Empty, was released in 2013. His second novel, AND... was completed in 2018.  

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Rick Stein is an educator with 38 years of service in public education in western New York State. His career began as an elementary school teacher (grades 1, 3 and 5). He also served as a teachers' association President. He was a  Human Resource Director, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Associate Superintendent and for the last six years of his education career, a Superintendent of Schools.  Currently Rick is an active writer and President of Dario Advisors, LLC.